Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Making a change!

Man this weekend was just as crazy as I predicted! But, I got all my Christmas shopping done, wrapped, and under the tree! So now I'm one hundred percent ready for Christmas!

I should be playing catch up on #theskinproject, but I know even less about serums than I did about toner. So I'm counting myself out this week, and I'll pick up next week with eye cream!

I've had dark hair my whole life. When we lived in Hawaii it had a blonde tint to it, but it's always been dark. -except for a little hiatus last year when I had golden highlights..- But I'm finally doing what I've been dying to do for months! I'm going blonde.

Not platinum blonde mind you, I'm jumping on the ombre train -choo choo- and I'm so excited! I got my hair cut this past weekend just to trim up my ends a little and add some swoop bangs. Originally I was going to hold out on dying it again, until we have our engagement pictures scheduled. -which we probably should already have done and printed..oops- but now that's freshly cut, and I'm rocking some new bangs, I'm regretting not getting it dyed while I was there...

So I have an appointment, for Friday at 5! No turning back now! I have faith in my hairdresser. She's the only one I've found that actually only "trims" my hair... Not "trimming =6 inches" trim....

Anyway; color. This is what I'm going for:
Dark ombre hair, stunning!

The Ombre look, my hair isn't that dark on top, and I have more red so I think I'm going to end in more of strawberry blonde. Eep! I'm so excited!

What do you think? Have you tried the ombre trend?

P.S. This was supposed to be posted yesterday, oops. So, two in one day! YAY! Merry Christmas!

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