Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday #4: Christmas Presents!

How was everyone's Christmas!? Mine was amazing. Spent it with my fiance, my family, and his family. And yesterday, we became Aunt Sarah and Uncle Roland!
So lets start this Favorite Friday with a bang! Bang!

1. Our new nephew, Braden Mathew! Isn't he the cutest squishy alien you've ever seen? He was so tiny! And he was so good! Everyone kept passing him around and he only cried when you touched his hat.

2. My awesome infinity sign ring! -don't mind my gross cuticles- It matches my necklace I got for valentines day, and the bracelet I got for my birthday!! Love it! Mr. Spiel is the best at picking out awesome presents.

3. This beaut of a bag! The MK winter collection was this awesome blue, sorry I have no idea what style this is.. I want to say its the East to West, but don't quote me on that. I told you Mr. Spiel was awesome at picking out presents!

4. My mom got me the Sally Hansen gel polish set! I was so excited about this I used it right away! -I got this idea from A girl and her Sparkles, she talked about the CDN one she has and loves.- I got it in the color "Wine Not". She knows me so well. So far, nails-3 days keyboard-0!

5. Last but definitely not least; my new Uggs! Is my fiance the best or what?! -He's the best, you don't have to answer that- I've wanted gray Uggs for about a year. These are so warm and cozy, I feel like I belong in an igloo! 

And here's Toby ready for a Christmas party in his sweater!! 
What are your favorites this Friday?
Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. Aww, adorable little guy!! Cute how he only cried when you touched his hat, haha.
    That infinity ring. <3 I want!!