Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Spiel: Winter Weather

For me Sunday's are all about relaxing. So I'm going to spend a little of my Sunday spieling about my favorite things during the week. Here goes!

So ladies, it's officially winter in Oklahoma. I'm coming to you from my couch in my town house, with Toby snuggled up next to me, because neither one of us are playing around with this weather. (Although Mr. Spiel had to go to work in all the snow!) 

Toby trying to figure out how he feels about this snow... it started sleeting later so there was a layer of ice on top and he would walk a couple feet and sink into a soft spot of snow. He wasn't to fond of that. This means we need to invest in some baby booties! 

Onto the beauty! One of my favorite products to hoard is nail polish. Out of all the nail polishes I've tried, Essie is definitely my favorite. It last longer than anything else I've tried, and it's color selection is awesome! Last night while I was walking through Target looking for a next beauty find, I found this cutie! It's going on my list as a stocking stuffer request! It comes with (from left to right) Ballet Slippers, Turquoise & Caicos, Chinchilly, Wicked, and Forever Yummy. The Chinchilly looks purple in the picture but it's more of a grey. I'm trying not to buy as many nail polish's now because I'm hoping I get a Gel Polish set for Christmas with the light and all. But these things are so cute it's hard to pass them up. (also, sorry for the bad picture, I was snapping on the go because everyone was already staring at me because I'd already been in the same 3 isles for about an hour at this point..)

Since today is a lazy Sunday and I'm doing anything but watching Thor, cleaning, and decorating our tree later today, I didn't put any make up on. I just cleaned my face and put on an intense hydrator that I kidnapped from my mom's stash. My skin has been extra dry lately, so I'm sending it on a hydration vacation today. And tomorrow it's back to the daily grind (maybe if the roads are drivable, my hopes are up that their not...)

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