Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & sweater weather tag!

Oh my goodness I can't believe it's thanksgiving already!! I've seen this tag around the blog-sphere and thought it'd make a good thanksgiving day post! I'm tagging everyone! 

1. Favorite Candle Scent?
I love candles, I'm equally obsessed with the wax warmera! We have one that looks like a Christmas ornament! My favorite scent is always vanilla. But this season I'm in love with Bath and Body Works scent "pumpkin cupcake". If you haven't smelled it, get up and go to b&bw. Because it's the best.

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
I actually just recently started drinking more coffee because we got a a single serve coffee pot! I love it. It's not a keurig but it's the same idea. But before Curt (my coffee pot) I was a tea drinker.

3. Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season?
Yes yes yes. My face gets so dry during the winter to the point that it's peeling. Which is crazy because I have super oily skin normally. So it's shiny & peeling. Yuck. So I pretty much have to switch EVERYTHING to keep my skin from freaking out.

4. Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
Mmmm rolls? I just love food in general.. 

5. Hats or scarves?
Scarves! I love infinity scarves the best, but I hardly ever wear hats. I didn't grow my hair out for two years to cover it up.

6. Most warm sweater?
Mmmmm I don't really have a sweater that I wear. I have a black and a tan cardigans that I wear all the time..

7. Must Have Fall Nail Polish?
A red/maroon. My favorite is the Essie It's Genius. Red-y enough for fall, glittery enough for Christmas. 

8. Football Games or Jumping In Leaves?
Cuddling on the couch? Is that an option? I don't really like football, and jumping in leaves scares the crap out of me, a) there's no telling what could be underneath them and b) how many bugs are in those leaves??? Ugh.

9. Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
LEGGINGS. ALL DAY, everyday. 

10. Boots or Uggs?
Both. I wear boots when I look cute and uggs when I would rather be in my pajamas.... So probably uggs. Lol  

11. What is your favorite thing about fall?
The weather change! Even though it dries me out I live for cold weather. 

12. Do you have a song that gets you in the Fall mood or just a song you're loving at the moment? 
I don't have a "fall song" but right now I always have "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry playing. Love her.

13. What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?
In Oklahoma, it snowed last weekend and the forecast for this weekend is like high 50's...  

Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!!  

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