Friday, November 29, 2013

Five on Friday #1

This week, Mr. Spiel and I upgraded our phones to the 5s, so I've been stepping up my app game. So this week I'm going to be doing my 5 favorite ones that I use pretty much everyday (besides instagram, pinterest, and twitter.)

1. A Beautiful Mess

I love this app. I'm all about adding some filters and some fun phrases or borders to pictures! They also just updated the app so you can make collages! Awesome. This app has the cutest fonts, borders, and phrases to put on the picture. For $.99 you can't pass this bad boy up. AND it's brought to you by fellow bloggers Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess!
2. Favado
I'm all about saving, on everything, and this is the best app I've found for it! You sign up, add all of your favorite stores (i.e. Target, Wal-mart, Walgreens), select some favorite products (by brand, by product type), then when you're ready to go, you select the store and you can either select your favorites list and it'll pull up the things that are on sale, or you can look at all the sales going on in the store! The only down side, is a lot of times it will tell you about a coupon, but the coupon is in the paper... I'm on my way to the store, a coupon in the paper isn't doing me any good right now...
As much as I love saving, I love Target more (they don't always have the cheapest prices), I've heard if you have a Red card you get some pretty good deals, but alas, I'm forbidden to get a new credit card until my Dillard's is paid off... woops. Enter Cartwheel by Target. It's an awesome app. You sign up, you browse through the products (listed by department) and it will bring up all these sales going on (10% off, 15% off, etc.) Then when you get to the check out, you pull up your app (that I have saved in my Passbook) and it will scan your barcode, give you the savings and you earn points! I love points! It's a pretty sweet deal, and I haven't found a down side yet!

I don't always have access to a computer, and the "Blogger" app is pretty lacking. I like to be able to read what other bloggers are posting during the day when I'm not at a computer. Enter Bloglovin'. I love this app. It automatically pulls up to my list of blog's I've liked and after I've read one I can mark it as "Read" and I can "Like" it. Which I love. Sometimes it's a lot easier to like a post than comment for me. This is my go to blog reading app.
5. Etsy

Last but not least, Etsy. I love all things Etsy, but I especially love the app. I can scroll through and just press the heart in the top corner of a picture to add it to my EVER growing favorite's list. It's great. I like using the app better than online actually because I can screen shot stuff and send it to my friends (or Mr. Spiel for holiday hints) a lot easier than I can on the computer. Because none of my friends really use Etsy, it's not like we can follow each other (clearly they need to get with the program..)

Well, those are my 5 most used apps! What apps do you all like to use?
Happy Friday!

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