Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oklahoma Hands

Living in Oklahoma is hard on the skin. Believe me when I say my skin hates me. Last week it was cool and breezy and wintery.... Saturday it was 80. My face doesn't know if it should break out, dry out, or oil up. Not to mention my hands. I work in a medical office, so lots of typing and writing and germs.. yuck. Add that to my habit of picking at my cuticles and you've got a nail salons worst nightmare.

To the Rescue:

I've started using cuticle cream. These are the two I currently have at my desk. I love the green and white one, it has cucumber in it so it smells nice and it really moistures these bad boys up. You can read all about it here.
The orange one is called "Healthy Cuticles Now" also Sally Hansen. I like this one, but it doesn't seem to keep them moisturized as long as the balm. You can read all about this one here!

I started buying cuticle cream when hand cream just didn't do it for me anymore. I do have a MAJOR complaint about cuticle cream (don't let this sway you) working in an office I do a lot of typing and writing, handing people paper, handing people pens, and I HATE when my fingers are sticky. yuck. My pens slide out of my hand.. My keys get sticky.. My phone gets slimy.. Why hasn't anyone invented a cuticle cream in a lip gloss tube? with an applicator? So I can give my cuticles a good rub down without getting it all over my fingers? Sally Hansen, where are you guys with this, or Essie? Considering I live in a small town, where the "nail supplies" are limited at Wal-Mart and Walgreens. Maybe these exist somewhere that I'm not aware of, but if so, someone send me one..

That's all for my Cuticle Cream rant.

What do you like? Cuticle cream or hand cream? 

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