Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hair Spiel: Dry Shampoo

Since this is my first "Hair Spiel" I'm going to give you a little hair background to compare:
My hair has always been SUPER thick. The hair itself is extremely fine, but there's A TON of it. I've been growing it out for about 2 years, and it's finally getting to where I want it. I don't really have a problem with split ends (thanks mom). I get my hair trimmed maybe every 4-6 months, and I found a hairstylist that really only "trims" it when she says that's all she's going to do!
Onto the Dry Shampoo Spiel!!

If you haven't heard about dry shampoo: A. you're living under a rock and I'm sorry, B. Go to walmart (or target, or walgreens, or get the point) and get some.

Now that my hair is almost to my desired length I have hopeful thoughts of getting creative with it. Pinning different hair styles to try with hopes of recreating it perfectly to a "t" on the first try. yeah right. Turns out, I'm the laziest person ever when it comes to my long hair. I'd much rather sleep in than get up, shower, blow dry, straighten. Not to mention all the damage that would do everyday... Insert Dry Shampoo! It's seriously a miracle product if you find the right one. It can add volume, absorb oil, and make you look like a flow-y haired Herbal Essence commercial (ok maybe not, but close). I've read in multiple places that you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday, which is my excuse for a) purchasing dry shampoo and b) only washing my hair 1-2 times a week.

Because I try to use a whole bottle before I purchase anything else (budgeting ban in place, go me!) I've only tried a couple of brands, but so far I'm still on the hunt for THE dry shampoo.
I'm currently using the Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo. You can read all about Suave's dry shampoo here. I'm not impressed. It leaves a residue-y feel in my hair.. And considering I don't use dry shampoo until about day 3 or 4 hair, if I wanted a residue-y feel, I'd leave it alone. So I wouldn't really suggest anyone to use this one. The one I used before that was the "Not Your Mothers Clean Freak" I liked this one, it didn't leave a residue behind and it did it's job right. I didn't like that it smelled awful. I didn't want to smell like this all day. So if you don't care about the smell this is a great choice. If you don't want to smell like a grandma, move along people there's something better out there! You can read all about nym dry shampoo here!

What brands have ya'll tried that you like?

Stay Beautiful.

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