Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Friday!


It's Friday ladies and gents! This has been one crazy week! My wonderful fiancé is in retail, so he's been extra busy. Last night we baby sat our friends 1 year old girl. She's precious.. And a handful. I discovered that my house is NOT baby proof. I have two sets of stairs and she was in love with them. That's what she wanted to do all night was climb the stairs. Needless to say I got a work out.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and everyone is skipping over it. yes I realize the irony of the Christmas photo. I love Thanksgiving. Christmas is so stressful with the gifts, and ALL the DIY's that I want to do! BUT this weekend (since Roland is in retail and he's about to be at work most of the time) we're putting up most of our Christmas decorations this weekend! Which is my favorite part of Christmas! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! and Christmas movies, it's a wonderful life anyone?

I will say though, men are the hardest people to shop for. My fiancé, my dad, and my brother are getting gift cards end of story. I hate having to shop for them. The last thing Roland needs is clothes. The last thing my brother wants is clothes. And the last thing my dad would wear is clothes that I pick out. But all I can seem to think of is "Oh I can get them polos! Socks! Pants!" Yeah, I always thought I was creative.
So if you have any ideas for men's Christmas gifts! THEY'RE MORE THAN WELCOME! :)

Short and sweet Friday post!

Have a great weekend!


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