Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Spiel: Budgeting

Since we're planning a wedding (for next October) Roland and I have put ourselves on a budget. And it is difficult.

In may Roland and I moved into a bigger townhouse (out of our one bedroom apartment I felt like I had all the room in the world!) We knew our bills would increase, but our spending habits never changed... So now we're not so much on a budget, more like I'm on a spending ban... :( I'm always buying random stuff at Wal-Mart that I probably don't need. But come on, who can deny those new Essie colors? And if my face is breaking out, how can I not try the new Neutrogena cleanser that's definitely going to fix all my skincare woes? And going to the mall? Yeah that's out of the question all together. It's near impossible for me to leave Dillard's without at least one bag filled with goodies.

So instead of buying all the things I want I'm going to pretend shop.. Introducing:

Budget Blues Shopping

Aka: all the things I would buy if Roland wasn't a saver.
oh hello my pretty! (One of many reasons I'm not allowed to go into Dillard's... MK addiction.)
nike trainers
These bad boys BELONG in my closet. 'Nuff Said.
And last but definitely not least, these awesomely tall brown boots.

Well that's all for Tuesday's Budgeting Blues Shopping! What are you budget shopping for?

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