Monday, November 4, 2013

Obsessions Spiel

When I turned 21 my mom's worst fear was that I would undoubtedly become an alcoholic. Although at the time I thought this was absolutely ridiculous... but now I could see she had a couple valid points.

1.) My grandpa was an alcoholic and it is supposedly genetic.
2.) I have a very obsessive personality.

Granted at the time I didn't know number 2. Well, I never became an alcoholic, but my obsessive personality has come out in other ways, a lot more recently. So, introducing:

Things I'm currently obsessed with:
1. Wine bottles: anything, painting them, chalkboard painting them, drawing on them (even though I'm not very good.), wrapping them in twine... pinterest search "Wine bottles" I probably have it in my house.
2. Make up/Hair Blogs: I'm obsessed with my skin and hair. OBSESSED.
SIDE NOTE: Most of my obsessions only last a week or two at the most (wine bottles is going on 3 weeks, but I already 3 wine bottles sitting in my kitchen waiting to be diy'd)
Anyway, back to hair and make up blogs. I'm obsessed with them. I surf at least once a day looking for a review or a slideshow that will end all my skin woes. That, beauty high and are my top 3 beauty blogs.
3rd obsession currently is calligraphy. I'm going to be sending out wedding invitations soon and I want to be able to do those cute address labels myself. Well let me tell you it's easier said than done that is for sure. I've only been obsessed with this for about 2 days, but I already have half a notebook filled out with names, words, and phrases all in different calligraphy.
4.) last but not least, I've been overly obsessed with wedding bands. I've found at least 6 that I would love to have.... Can't I have them all? I can switch them out.. that's ok right? No? hmm... Someone needs to start a new tradition.
So far this is the winner.. It's shaped like a crown. Meant for a princess I think!
Well that's all for now!


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