Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Officially Fall!

Happy Wednesday, all! Week's halfway over for most of you, and today is technically my Thursday! Hallelujah! I'm so excited for this weather we've been having lately in Oklahoma! It's wonderfully chilly! Just cold enough to wear my uggs and leggings, not too cold that I can't feel my fingers for the couple minutes I'm outside taking Toby out.
 Our washer comes in today! Woo hoo! Clean clothes! and towels! We've only been without a washer for a couple days and already have a full fledged load of towels to do... how does that happen? With just the two of us? Riddle me that.
 This week I've been experimenting with foundations.. Cooler weather means switching out those mineral bases for a liquid, and boy is that an endeavor. So far I've tried, Clinique: Stay-Matte Oil-Free, BB Cream, CC Cream, and LancĂ´me 24 hour. So far I liked the stay matte, but it still wasn't quite enough coverage. The BB cream and the CC cream were just as sheer as I thought they'd be. More like a tinted moisturizer than anything. If you have good skin, then by all means, this is for you. For those of us with acne/stubborn skin, it's not so great.
Does anyone have any other foundation suggestions? This week I'm determined to find one for the long haul of winter.
 I'm also super excited to bust out my Winter Candy Apple lotion! I love Bath and Body Works, and their smells! I've been burning the Pumpkin Cupcake candle, and it's almost gone. It's not even November yet, and I've used the whole candle.... hmm. But I just checked out their website and they're doing the buy 3 get 3 free! So GO! STOCK UP! Just save me some Winter Candy Apple!!

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