Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Going for "Piecey," got Greasy.

I'm by no means a "beauty blogger." Although I would consider myself a beauty blog devourer, and possibly a beauty experimenter. My hair: Super fine strands, but about 98 million of 'em. It's thick and fine; the worst combinations of hair possible. My hair dresser recently found out she's pregnant, I'm pretty sure she did it on purpose just so she didn't have to spend 2 1/2 hours coloring, and trimming my hair. My skin was awesome until about 18... I haven't gone a day without a pimple since. I've tried all the tricks, I wash my face twice a day, I don't sleep in my makeup (minus naps that sneak up on me), I'm weaning off dairy and white carbs because I read that those can cause acne, but other than that I've decided my skin just doesn't want to be clear.

I like to try new things with my hair, that's why I've been growing out for three years, but for people with fine and/or thick hair, you know it's not as easy and any pintrest pin says. This morning I learned a valuable lesson in hair experimentation. NEVER EXPERIMENT WHEN YOU HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE. I read an article on one of my favorite sites that said in order to get that piecey look, you need to take pomade and rub it between your hands, then massage it into your scalp.....

So this morning my hair was extra crazy (I hadn't blow dried it straight, so you can imagine), but it kind of had a wave like texture to it. So I thought "What the heck.. maybe some pomade on my roots will make it look better..." Well I thought wrong. Maybe it's because it was pomade for Roland's hair, maybe it's because my hair had already decided that no, it's not going to cooperate today. Who knows, all I know is that now my roots look gross, and my hair will end up in a top not by the end of the day.

So here's to today being full of life lessons.
Stay beautiful.

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