Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What? I'm alive?

Hello my people! I'm alive and well and in Arkansas!

Things have been so crazy. Like cray cray to the cray-est. I wish there were more words to describe it, but there aren't. But, I have pictures, and pictures are worth a thousand words, so I guess in a way... these are words.

The movers came and packed up all of our stuff! Thank goodness Roland works for an awesome company that has literally bent over backwards to make this move as smooth as possible.

Before I had to really get to work, we had dinner with this little cutie and I, Aunt Sarah, taught him how to drink out of a straw. That's my claim to fame and no one can have it.

Then I cleaned.. and cleaned.. and cleaned..... We're currently looking into buying a house, but if we end up renting I told Roland we're paying someone to clean it next time. Cause it's just ridiculous how long my hands smelled like bleach.

The next day I drove.. and drove. 6 hours isn't bad and it's not the longest drive I've made... but that last hour when you've passed Fort Smith and there's nothing but trees... it's a stretch.

I finally made it to Little Rock and my awesome husband took me to my favorite restaurant ever! I love Newk's, but we've never lived near one, NOW I LIVE NEAR TWO! Could it get better???? THE ANSWER IS YES. 

We also live near a Dunkin Donuts! My waste line is hating all these new foods, but it'll get over it. Hashtag give me all the new foods.

One thing I don't like about Little Rock compared to Lawton is the traffic jams. In Lawton there's maybe 10 people on the road at one time (slight exaggeration) but here..... guys.. there are TRAFFIC JAMS. Like you see on television traffic jam.

Also, it's slightly Jurassic Park-esque.

Tell me that doesn't look like I'm driving into a giant bird cage....... TELL ME.

And of course my parents sent me this the day after I left... Poor Toby. He's fine now but how sad does he look about that cone? My mom said he hasn't quite figured out how to jump on furniture or even Macy's bed without it getting caught and doing a face plant.....

That's all for now.. maybe this week I'll have some real posts up.. that aren't just recaps and  pictures of my life.
It feels good to be back and blogging!

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