Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Calling all Nail-painters.

We have officially been living in Arkansas for a month. We have officially been living in a one bedroom apartment for a month. I have officially been not working for a month. (although I started training last week.. our clinic doesn't open until the end of May so we don't have set hours everyday yet). I am officially addicted to binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. Seriously that's what I do during the day. I get up.. make the bed.. turn on Criminal Minds.. clean the kitchen.. I'm currently watching Criminal Minds right now actually.

I've even started having dreams about Criminal Minds. It's becoming a problem. I think if I profile someone one more time, Roland is going to cut me off.

Another thing I've started doing is painting my nails... while I'm watching Criminal Minds obviously. But one thing I hate about painting my nails is that I either chip them within an hour of them drying or I ding them on something and it smears or I get sheet marks.. (isn't texture the new thing?) So we went to Target the other night and I was browsing through the quick dry nail polish options because I seriously have been painting them twice a week... and I came across a holy grail for nail painters. (I'm probably late to the party but I figured I would spread the word) I am a huge skeptical of gimmicky items.. nine times out of ten when you buy something that promises you the moon it doesn't even give you a star. BUT, Essie has never let me down so when I came across the "Quicke" Quick Dry Drops I couldn't just not get it. Let me tell you guys, I'm glad I did. I obviously went home that night and painted my nails to see if my $9 was well spent. It was. I used the drops and 2 minutes later I washed my hands and went to bed.


I'm still in awe. And I'm considering painting my nails now even though Roland will be home in a couple hours to go look at houses.

Which is a whole other can 'o' worms. And I have a whole post prepared for house hunting in a new area. It's a disaster.

Seriously though, go buy Essie Quicke quick drops. They're life for all nail painters.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog post. Do more like this!! <3

    www.nathalyjuarez.com (fashion & beauty blog)

  2. So, do the drops go into the polish or on the nail? I'm intrigued... :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  3. MEEEE TOOO! I've been seriously, hopelessly addicted to criminal minds for the past two or so months...only 3/4th of a season left for me! lol What will we do when we're done!??!?!