Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Blogtober: Dolla dolla bills y'all.

Hello world, it's me. Yes I am alive. Yes I'm in the deep depths of wedding planning hell. Because I put EVERYTHING off until the last minute (like the pro-procrastinator I am) and now we have roughly 3 weeks left, my parents are gone this weekend, the next weekend my mom will be super cleaning the house because everyone starts showing up the following Tuesday. 
I've learned through this wedding process that I am NOT a detail oriented person. Which super sucks because that's basically all wedding planning is. So my wedding suggestions are: Elope, hire a wedding planner, elope, or destination wedding where literally all you do is show up. (Yes mom, I know you TRIED to get us to do the last one. ITS TOO LATE WE GET IT YOU WERE RIGHT.) 
Moving on. Wedding planning has literally brought out the worst in me. It's no joke guys. That includes the worst driver, worst phone talker (I'm already loud.. now I'm pretty much yelling every time I'm on the phone), worst meal planner (sorry Roland), worst gym goer (who are we kidding I was never good at that), and worst blogger. But I have a chance for some semi-redemption. 
Helene and Taylor are doing a blog every day in October. (Yes I know I tried this last month, and yes I know I only got like 3 days in and disappeared. Get. Over. It) This time is going to be better BECAUSE I'm going to do most of them a week at a time (that's the plan) so that way I can just knock them all out in one big swoop and schedule them. Because I'm going to go from a failed blogger to a professional over night, obvi. I'm also going to attempt to schedule tweets, but that might get a little tedious... AND I'm going to be in CALIFORNIA the third week of October, so well I don't really know, I guess we'll wait and see you guys. 
Today's prompt is "What would you do if you won the lottery" 
I feel like everyone always says "I would invest it." Well, I don't know about those people but I am not a saver. I'm a spender. So I know, without a shadow of a doubt, if I won the lottery, it'd be gone. Granted it would go towards really cool stuff. Roland would probably get a new car. We'd probably tell our apartment complex to kiss it and dip out and get a house. I'd want to buy another house near a beach somewhere. So we'd have someplace to "summer" also because, who doesn't love the beach? I'll probably quit my job and go back to school.. or maybe just find another job. One that lets me summer. Not teaching. Can I just be a stay at home dog mom? Toby needs love and affection during the day that I can't be there to give him. And that's probably it, It might be gone by then.. Throw a new wardrobe (including shoes duh) in there and paying off some debt (which I probably should have started with.. but that's no fun.) and we're back to being normal non-lottery living people. It was nice while it lasted. 
Helene in Between
Happy October people. 
18 days until I'm no longer the Real McCoy.
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  1. haha whoops, I would invest some of it, but I would go crazy and spend it on me too! and eek only 18 days away!!

  2. I can totally relate! I am such an in the moment type person, I'm horrible at planning ahead and thinking all the details through. If it weren't for my mom my wedding would have so not happened! And forget about a house on the beach, I'm buying the whole dang beach!

  3. I would love to get a house too if I won the lottery! :) Congrats on your wedding being so close!

  4. Only three more weeks!! You can do it. And then…afterwards…LIFE IS GREAT. Seriously, I got married a little over a month ago and every time anyone asks me, "oh, how's married life?" I'm all like "IT'S AMAZING NOT HAVING TO PLAN A WEDDING ANYMORE. OH YES, AND MY HUSBAND IS AWESOME." ;)

  5. SAHDM, that's genius. I'm pitching that to the husband tonight. I'm loving this linkup, I'm finding so many fun new blogs!!!

  6. You had me at stay at home dog mom! Its my life goal.. haha

  7. YES to being a stay at home dog mom. I ask Pete if I can do this at LEAST twice a week. haha

  8. Oh, I would be the same, I would spend that money so fast it would make heads spin. I like to spend & so does my husband so we would be doomed! Ha!

    Mandie ~

  9. Anddddddddddddd now I'm going to be singing dolla dolla bills y'all ALL DAY LONG!


  10. Your name is Sarah AND we posted similar blog titles for this prompt. WEIRD. Either way I think I like you. Only time will tell.....