Monday, August 25, 2014

"Weekend Recap" or "Why I'm not allowed at Walmart by myself"

It's 3:15 in the afternoon, but this is happening. 
Just go with it. :)

This weekend was pretty hectic.. Saturday I was at Dillard's helping them set up for a big visit they have this week. Then I picked up the cutest nephew in the world (read also: crankiest baby in the world). He was very unexcited to spend time with Aunt Sarah. Although, he was very entranced by The Lion King, baby after my own heart. Then we went to Roland's mom's house to drop said baby off, and talked to her for awhile about wedding and work things. 
Sunday was a bit more laid back. Roland had to go in, which he wasn't happy about since Sunday is supposed to be their day off, but we picked up the house, started some laundry, and left to get groceries. After we filled up my car we realized we didn't have enough time to go to Walmart. So we went home, he got ready to go to work, I got ready to go to church. 
After church I went to Luigi's with my parent's (I don't have very many good things to say about Lawton, but if you're ever around south western Oklahoma, go to Luigi's. So. good. italian.) then it was time to head to Walmart. After I went home and changed of course. 
I headed into Wally world with list in my hand and a couple extra things in mind that I knew I needed. I always start on the non food side. Gives me time to talk myself out of the nailpolish(es) I added to the buggy.... After I've grabbed everything that was actually on my list (hair gel, nail clippers, bobby pins, nail polish  so only 4 things not on the list in the buggy at this point.. not bad) and head towards the food. Only to stop at the candles. Fall is upon us people, and I love it. I love fall smells, vanilla, pumpkin, caramel apple..... I could probably burn fall candles year round and never get tired of them. Luckily, candles was on the list. Moving on. 
I go through the food isle's and get everything on the list. Here is where one of mine and Roland's differences really come out. I'm a lot like my dad, if I have a list, I'm going to follow it, and not really veer from it when it comes to food. If the list says chicken, beef, milk, eggs, and caviar that's what would be in that buggy when I leave. (I'm sure Roland wishes I was this way with the whole store. I just can't keep my hands to myself in the nail polish isle, they speak to me). So I get the things on my list and head to a check out, after finding a decent line and getting one person away from the front.... I get a text. 

Chips wasn't on the list. Nor were green grapes or bananas, or cheese.. you get the point. So I had to get out of line to finish grocery shopping. Finally. I gathered what I imagine to be everything and head back to a line. Not quite as short as the first one I was in, but not too bad. 
When all of a sudden I blacked out, checked out got home and found this in a bag

That's right ladies and gents, that's cake batter chapstick. And I don't regret it. 

That is why, I'm not allowed to go to Wal-mart by myself. Because I forget everything (still forgot spinach) and end up getting things I didn't actually need. 
Cheers, Monday. 
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  1. But actually you NEEDED that cake batter chapstick. Duh. So… Is it good? Does it smell like cake batter or like weird fake cake batter?