Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey I have to tell you something,

but it'll have to wait till later.
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I LOATHE when people do this.  
Oh hey, I have this information that you should have.. I have it now.. but you don't need it right this very second so I'm just going to tell you that I have it and let you stew over what it might be.  
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 Exactly Mr. Gosling. What indeed. 

Why don't you just give me the information now? Just because I can't do anything with said information right this very second, doesn't mean I don't want it. And and and and, how do you know I can't do anything with this information?! HOW DO YOU KNOW?!

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 Toward the beginning I said I loathe WHEN people do this. Not that I loathe PEOPLE that do this. I can't, really, because I love Roland... but he does this all the time and, I'll admit, it makes me want to not cook dinner for a week or two, or I don't know, make him sleep with Toby. In the literal dog house.
 I'm pretty sure at this point, he just does it to drive me crazy. Although sometimes it's because he knows its something that's going to make me mad, so he won't tell me. 
When this happens, he tells me he has something to tell me, but it has to wait until later, I immediately feel like bugs are crawling under my skin, what could he want to tell me that he can't tell me on the phone.. Is it bad? Is it something I said? *Read's all text messages we've ever sent back and forth and tries to remember every conversation within the last 2 months* Maybe it's something about his family... something about my family? Something about Toby... something about the car? No why would it be about the car, we haven't taken either of our cars in... something about the apartment? Is he mad? Maybe he posted something on twitter or instagram.... oh I forgot, he's a man and mature... he wouldn't do that.. damn it. 

I think I'm probably certifiable with the way I handle these situations, but if people would just keep the fact that they have information to themselves, or tell me everything, this wouldn't be a problem. 

And I wouldn't have to analyze every possible outcome.

I'll leave you with that, and hopefully I'm not the only that this drives crazy. Let's go to crazy together, I bet THEY give all the information the first time.
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  1. I hate when people do that too! It's like, if you can't tell me now, just shut your face until you can tell me. Grrr!

    Mandie ~