Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Ages ago, I did 5 on Friday's. Mainly because they were easy and how could you not come up with five things? Am I right? Well those fell to the wayside, but recently I've seen Karli's Five on Friday link up "Oh Hey Friday." I'm totally not against saying hi to Friday because come on, it's like the weeks best friend. 
  1. These strawberries from Shari's Berries are everything. 
  My mom sent them to my office so I couldn't eat them all by myself (Roland is allergic..), but I'm probably going to take them home at lunch. Hashtag loophole. 
2. Roland and I are getting our engagement pictures taken this weekend. 
So I took some birthday money I'd gotten from his mom to Dillard's to find a dress to wear. I found one for $18. EIGHTEEN people. A dress I'd been lusting after, at that. Normally when I wait for something I want to go on sale, my size is gone. 
$18 dress. Holllaaaa.

So then because I had gotten such a sweet sweet score, I continued my quest to see what else I could see. I, of course, found a dress I loved equally, but alas it was not on sale. But... engagement pictures people. And, birthday money. I could splurge a little bit. So Dillard's caught me in there web of "come for the sale stay for the full price stuff" and let me tell you, they won. 
All the oo's and ahh's here people. I'm obsessed with this dress. Like if I didn't have to wear it for pictures tomorrow I'd be wearing it now. (but I'm wearing leggings now instead so still a win in my book.)
3. My birthday is Sunday. 
I'm only turning twenty-four and since we're budgeting for the wedding, I know Roland is feeling restricted because he is a birthday celebrator if there ever was one. The first year we were dating he went to my apartment while I was at work and hung streamers and balloons and got dinner and it was magical. I don't even remember what I got, but I remember walking into that. 
Last year, I met Roland at his mom's house for lunch and there was a whole princess shebang set up. 
A princess banner, princess cake, little princess crowns and sashes for all the guests (Roland's mom runs an in home daycare, so I got to party with the craziest guests around, 3 year olds. If you've ever seen a three year old high on sugar, you can agree.) We ate lunch and blew out candles. It was magical. Roland's Birthday is Wednesday. I suck at birthday's compared to him. And he already got his birthday present. His friend was selling his X-Box One and Roland has been dying to have one so I told him he could get it for his birthday.. so it's at home plugged in. Boo, I know. 
4. My "Bachelorette party" is coming up next weekend!  
Also, Google tried to tell me bachelorette should be bachelor. I'm extremely excited to see all my friends that I haven't seen in ages! We're going to a wine and pallete (and we're painting truffala trees from the Lorax.) and then we're going to grab some dinner and have a lingerie shower! I'm so excited. My best friend Ashliegh is coming up from New Mexico! It's going to be a blast. 
And for those of you that have no soul and haven't seen the Lorax:
Truffala Trees.
  5. My Super Cute Nephew.
 you guys. I can't even. Look at that face he is making?! He's getting such a personality it's adorable. I can't express my love for this little guy. It's going to be so sad when Roland and I move and can't see him on a regular basis.
Happy Friday All! 

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  1. Hope you have a fun birthday! For your man, you could just pick up a few of his favorite things--favorite candy bar, favorite cake, favorite dinner . . . simple, but sweet, and maybe inexpensive enough for your budget :) Haha and I love your loophole! I would definitely be doing the very same thing ;)