Monday, June 9, 2014

A guide to the X-Men Movies

Disclaimer: I'm going to try not to add any spoilers. I'll warn you if there's one coming. But if you don't care about the X-men movies, keep on reading without abandon. 
I don't know what I intended to write, but it turned into a huge long saga about all the things I have a problem with in the X-men movies. (not a trilogy cause there's a million of them... so I don't know what they are.) I'm an action movie junkie. We have watched Avengers at least 112 times. We know all the words, it's just getting sadder and sadder huh. 
Anyway, we have a thing for action movies, is the point. After we've watched one a couple of times, we start to question everything. Why didn't this work like it should have, why didn't that line up, why would they take it that way and not write it out this way. I'm sure the directors have their reasons for doing things a certain way, but there are some serious gaps in the X-men movies. Yes, I know. They were by different directors. The directors still should have gotten their shiz together to make all the movies coordinate with obvious facts, now they don't and it really bothers me (clearly I'm writing a whole post on it.) 
Side note: I'm not a professional movie criticizer. I'm sure there are reasons they wrote the movies this way, and I will still use my hard earned money to see/buy these movies. This is just my opinion on what bothers me about them. 

1. I hate when movies do this, but sadly a lot do. 
Order they came out:

Order they should be watched:

2. The thing that irks me the most:
In X Men: First Generation (I just realized that that movie cover is in spanish... oops.) it shows how Professor X looses his legs. BUT in X-Men: The Last Stand... he's walking.... whyyyyyy. I already saw him lose his legs. Why is he walking?! Get back in your chair. 
3. Also in X-Men: The Last Stand, Mystique loses her powers and becomes human again. BUT, she's just some random blonde. This doesn't bother me as much as the "professor x now miraculously walking thing"

I'll be honest. I really didn't go into the newest movie open minded. I was prepared to find every little thing wrong with it (mainly for this post) but turn out it was pretty on point. There was some trickery. But in the end they smoothed everything out, except for the fact that now all 6 previous movies are completely null and void. 

The true question of the longevity of these movies are.... how long can Hugh Jackman be Wolverine?
Forever. That's the correct answer. 

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  1. I'm pinning this for later, because I've been meaning to watch all of them!

  2. I haven't seen these yet but you make me want too!!!