Thursday, May 29, 2014

Patients; no patience #2

So my boss was riding his bike last Thursday evening and got hit by a car and before you gasp.. he's fine. The side mirror grazed him, knocked him down and as he fell he shattered his elbow. All week people have been asking and saying the same things. So this is an episode of Patients; no patience, injured boss edition. 

1. "OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED? ARE YOU OK?" He has a sling on.... not an oxygen tank. He's fine. 
rolling eye eye rolling gif

2. "I got hit by a car." You got grazed you over dramatic attention seeker. His mirror hit you....
kristen bell eye roll gif

3. "I know a good therapist!" Clever, it's afternoon on a Thursday and you're the first one to say that to THE THERAPIST. On that note, he can't even work on you, how is he supposed to work on himself?
american idol simon cowell gif

4. "Now you know how we feel!" or "I'll be your physical therapist!" These are actually pretty funny. People are always complaining that my boss is mean to them... now they're being mean to him. Proof that those words will come back to haunt you. 
david schwimmer chandler bing gif

5. "I hope you feel better!" this may be the cynic in me coming out.. but he shattered his elbow... he didn't catch the flu. 
tom hiddleston omg gif

and because it's Thursday and I can't stop with these gifs:
lance stephenson blows in lebrons ear gif
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hilarious humour gif

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  1. Bahahah the first 2! You're cracking me up!

  2. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha. Excellent use of GIFs.