Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday in Gifs

Hello beautiful people of the internet. It's Friday. I'm in a strangely good mood today. There are a couple reasons why that could be. Here they are, in gifs. You're welcome. 

This morning Roland text me from downstairs telling me if I got up then (at 6:20) we'd have time to go by Starbucks. (his car is in the shop so I was taking him to work.. since I have a half day today.)

I got up. And got Starbucks. I'm obsessed with the green tea frap (because I don't know how to spell frappocino? frappocinno?) unsweetened. It's soooo good. Go get one if you haven't tried it. Now. 

I might be in an extraordinarily good mood because I'm getting my hair done today. 
(does anyone else say extra-ordinarily?)

I'm leaving at 12 and not coming back until Monday. AKA I get to wear Nike shorts the rest of the day.

I started using TweetDeck yesterday, so I can schedule my tweets and don't have to remember constantly to tweet about the newest blog post. 

My brothers in OKC for a couple months working as an EMT for part of his training. An hour and half drive is much more feasible than an 8 hour one. 

Nick @ Nite aired the final episodes of Friends last night. You know the ones where Rachel is going to Paris and she "gets off the plane" and Monica and Chandler get their babies and it's so so so so sad. I balled, like a big baby. And I laughed at the same time, because you can't not laugh at Chandler's jokes. 

The saddest part is when Chandler and Joey say goodbye. Best T.V. relationship, ever. Hands down. 

With that, only 20 minutes until I put on Nike shorts for the rest of the day. 
Have a happy Friday! 

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  1. Im incredibly jealous of your half day and starbucks I mean thats a freaking perfect Friday!

  2. Friends is definitely one of my favorite shows, and the final episodes kill me every time I watch them!

  3. Hahaha... I still feel sad every time I see the final episodes of Friends, too!