Thursday, May 15, 2014

Could they burn C.D.s in 1998?

Helene and Sarah are hosting a prompted link up, Total Social, to get bloggers in the vast corners of bloglandia together. Today's post is about your first. First...whatever. 

Since I couldn't decide (naturally) I picked a couple.

First Country Song:
I remember this like it was yesterday, my parents never listened to country music, which is ironic because at the time we were living in Tupelo, Mississippi pretty much the birth place of country music and Elvis Presley. 

Anyway, my best friend down the street, her parents were all about country music, I remember driving in the car, and this song came on and I loved it. Some how I finagled a copy of it (I don't know if they could burn c.d.s then..) and my dad HATED it. But after awhile he came around. Fast forward about 10 years, we took a road trip from Oklahoma and we listened to Tim McGraw's c.d the WHOLE way. My mom and I still have every song on that c.d. memorized. True Life. 

First Awful Haircut:

Of course this is a first because there are usually many of them. But in my defense I didn't have any control over this one. This was all my moms doing. The self-cut bangs of 2007 though? I'll take full responsibility for those.

Yes, that is me. In the ever so popular hounds-tooth-esque dress. And the retched bowl cut. At least in this picture you can tell I'm a girl.. There's a picture from a Christmas the same year and I'm wearing my brothers clothes. A blue tank top with matching blue shorts, I almost asked my mom who this strange boy was in the picture that looked just like me until I flipped it over and saw my name....... I tell my hair stylist that I'm still scarred from these days. That and the year I cut off 6 inches from luscious to ludacris in 6.5 seconds. That was before I started getting my superfluous amount of hair thinned on the regular. 

What are some of your firsts?

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  1. TWO of my words!!! HAHAHAH Also, I too had the bowl cut. It was a sad, sad time. My mom still says she loved it on me and I still say I looked like a little boy.

  2. Yeahhhhh KING GEORGE!!! Good choice! I think my first country song I remember replaying over and over was beer for my horses. HAH. Really a sign of life to come!

  3. ohh yeah i am loving the haircut and throwback sound!!

  4. Oh you poor thing.. that haircut... we've all been there. Good thing it grows back, amirite?

  5. 1998? That was all about the mix tapes!

    That haircut...oh dear...