Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ten Things I've Learned from Television

Taking another topic from Kay's 30 best blog post ideas today. One of her topics was "Top ten things you learned from Criminal Minds." Since I'm not up on my Criminal Minds, I tweaked it a little bit to top ten things I learned from my favorite t.v. shows. Here we go ladies a gentlemen:
1. It's ok not to share food. Order what you want, don't order something because you think you're going to get a taste of mine. (although Roland knows nine times out of ten I'm not going to finish mine so he usually gets something)
2. Always agree with your friends, even if you know they're wrong. They'll figure it out. 
3. Find those friends that embrace your weirdness and hold onto them. 
4. Have those friends that will be there for you no matter what step they are in their life. 


5. Wine and comfy sweaters solve any problem, ever. Seriously, ever. 

6. Wine. 
New Girl

7. It's ok to make fun of your friends when they're being intolerable. It's better to make fun of them than argue with them. It's all in good fun. Just don't go after the hair, girlfriends don't go for the hair.
8. Don't judge a ho by her clothes. 

9. I need to master the curly/wavy/looks like you did it/looks casual hair style. And I should consider blonde. 
The Blacklist

10. Sleep is second to wine in problem solving. 
Those are the top ten things I've learned from my favorite tv shows. And because I had more gifs than I needed. Some honorable mentions. 

Have a fabulous Thursday!
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  1. I was so excited when I saw Friends and Scandal references... then I saw a puppy gif and got so excited I forgot what I was going to say! haha

  2. umm...I have the BIGGEST complex against Emily's hair (on Revenge)!! And I can relate every life event to an episode of Friends - hello, best show ever!