Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Things Guys Don't Understand About Girls

Yesterday was a wonderful Easter. Roland and I went to church with his family, then headed to my parents house for a delicious meal. Ham, homemade mac and cheese, cream corn, and peach crisp. MMMMM. If you've never had peach crisp, I invite you to our next holiday gathering because it is seriously the BEST dessert you'll ever have for the rest of your life. So much better than cobbler. 
Moving on. After we ate, played Hand and Foot, and I ate another bowl of heavenly peach crisp, I was so full and ready for a nap. Roland wanted to play basketball. BASKETBALL. If I moved too much I would have thrown up. It made me think of how different girls are from guys, and in the same way that I would never understand wanting to play basketball to work off some of the fullness, there are plenty of things he'll never understand about me, simply because I'm a girl. So here they are, some things that guys will NEVER understand about girls. 
The constant need to have a hair tie on my wrist, and the insecurity I feel if I don't have it. Even if I know I'm not going to pull my hair up that day, I still have to have one on my wrist. Today I made it out of my house without one somehow, and I need it, and I don't have one, so the day is ruined. When I don't need it, but don't have one, I feel completely naked. I don't know why it works that way, but it does. All of my female friends have hair ties on there wrists 99% of the time. 
Where we learn to roll our eyes without even realizing we're doing it. I roll my eyes all the time. Most of the time I'm aware of it but sometimes it catches me off guard when someone says something super annoying and later Roland will tell me "You know they probably saw you roll your eyes." Once we were betting on something and I told him I'd stop rolling my eyes, his response? "You don't have to lie, Sarah." 

Why we give our friends advice, even though everyone knows they're not going to follow it. I had this issue about a year ago, I kept giving my friend dating advice and she never took it. After awhile it gets tiresome, but as their friend you're there for them. (I learned this lesson the hard way. By getting tired and angry at my friend for not taking my advice, and losing her as a friend.) Through the good times and the bad. Even when they listen to your advice and say "you're right. I'm not gonna call him back" and you both know she will. It's the unwritten girl code. 
Matching. There's an unwritten rule about matching too. When you and your friend show up wearing the same thing on accident, it's hilarious and you're "Mary Kate and Ashley" for the rest of the night. Someone likes something you have, buys the EXACT SAME THING, and takes credit for finding it and using it, then you're trying to get her kicked off the island until you can find something else that she doesn't have. Or, there's planning to match... I see why this confuses guys, "Last week you thought it was funny you showed up wearing the same shirt, now you're not friends because she bought the same purse?" 

Why we purposefully watch sad movies. Sometimes you just need a good cry. And every girl has there go to sad movie when they want to cry. Mine are The Notebook and Seven Pounds. I had never seen Seven Pounds until about a year ago, I also haven't been able to watch it since then. 

What are somethings you think guys will never understand about girls?
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  1. That whole peach crisp thing sounds AHMAZING!!!

  2. hahaha I love the matching one. So true.

  3. Oh my gosh... at one of my old jobs I got in trouble because the customers said I kept rolling my eyes at them!! I had no idea i was doing it!!

  4. Bahaha the advice thing is totally true. We all do our own thing anyway! And I love tht you play hand and foot, what a great game!