Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Old School Television

The other night Roland and I watched Good Burger, yup that Good Burger. It's on Netflix, go ahead and add it to your queue. While we were watching this I was thinking about all the other old shows that should still be on t.v. Shows that I will probably find so my kids will watch them. 

7th Heaven
This show made me want more siblings, yet at the same time be glad for just Brandon.. 

Fresh Prince
Will Smith is hilarious. Whenever this show is on it still makes me laugh.

Full House
How cute were Mary Kate and Ashley? I love this show. It's funny and kids can learn without having to watch a giant purple dinosaur.  (Don't get me wrong I was raised on Barney, but he's kind of scary.)

Home Improvement
I love Tim Allen, he reminds me so much of my dad. And who can say no to young Johnathon Taylor Thomas?

And Obviously Friends
Granted I wouldn't let my kids watch Friends. But I would watch it all the time.

What are some of your favorite childhood shows that you wish were still on the air?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!
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  1. OMG. Full House. 7th Heaven. HOME IMPROVEMENT.


  2. This post just made me so happy! I watched ALL of these shows and loved them. I still love Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's kind of sad actually, but I just do. They are just so awesome. And 7th Heaven - it made me want a lot of siblings too! And FRIENDS is my absolute most FAVORITE show ever. I own every episode, but I still watch it on TV. Definitely adding Good Burger to my queue ASAP.

    1. I wished I own Friends.. its on my wish list at Amazon!!

  3. Uncle Jesse. My favorite. If only he were my uncle :)

    7th Heaven was thee best. and Fresh Prince, and Home Improvement. I miss all of those shows.