Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh I love Valentine's day. This is our last Valentine's day as an un-married couple! My friend is getting married in May and I said that to her last night and she was like "Oh my gosh.... It's all sinking in." Although, I don't think Valentine's day should be a big deal to couples. As a -almost- wife, I should strive to make sure that Roland always feels loved, not just on February 14th. So today's Friday Five goes to the other people in my life, that should feel some love. 

1. My cutie mom! Every one tells us we look exactly alike. If I look like her when I'm her age (Which I don't know what it is, my whole life she's told me she's 29) I'll be more than grateful. My mom has always been in my corner. She's the one person I can always count on. Today she brought me the cutest Valentine's day box with some balloons tied to it. I couldn't have been more blessed. 

2. My dad! Like my mom, my dad has always been in my corner! I'll always be a daddy's girl. He patches my tires, fixes our washer and dryer, tells me what to do when something isn't working properly, and brings me Starbucks when my mom calls him and tells him I need it. My life stuff would be in shambles if it wasn't for him, and I wouldn't have any clean laundry. 

3. Baby brother Bray Bray. (Yes, he's 6'4" and single ladies). My brother deserves extra love on Valentine's day. Brandon never really knew what he wanted to do after high school, but after a year he knew he wanted to swim, and help people. So he joined the Air Force to be a pararescue jumper (the special forces of the Air Force) Once he finishes up his schooling this year he'll be jumping out of helicopters and going on secret missions. I'm so proud of him, following his dreams. He's grown up so much over the last couple years. So proud. Ok, I'm done. 

4. Grandmas! (my mom's mom... if that isn't obvious) When I was younger we lived in Hawaii, so we didn't see our family a lot since it was such an ordeal to travel that far away. My Grandmas and Ta (her husband, not my mom's dad but the most amazing mad I've had the pleasure of knowing) would come and visit us as much as they could. They were the only grandparents to be at every major event in mine and Brandon's life. (From Kindergarten graduation to high school graduation) Ta isn't with us anymore, but Grandmas has no idea how much she has impacted my life. I'm so thankful for her godly influence on me, I couldn't ask for a better Grandmas. :)

5. Last but not least, my maid of honor. Catherine and I have been friends since 9th grade. We actually hated each other before we were friends. We're a lot a like in some ways and in others we couldn't be more different, but I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. She gets me, she's never judged me, she always listens, and I just know she'll be the best maid of honor. 

Those are the people in my life that deserve some extra love today (since Roland gets it every day!)
Who in your life deserves some extra love?!
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