Friday, December 20, 2013

The Craziest things I've found: on Groupon

Normally I hate shopping online -except for makeup- especially for Christmas, what if it doesn't get here on time, what if it doesn't fit, what if they don't like it... Too much anxiety. But this year I branched out. I ordered somethings online, I even purchased something from Groupon. While on my search for the perfect gift, I stumbled across some things I'll never un-see. Things that shouldn't have been invented, much less put on the internet. So here we go with the craziest things I found on Groupon. -side note: all of these links are coming from Groupon, if the deal ends I'm not sure the link will still take you there, if that happens I apologize, and I'll try to fix it- Enjoy!

1. Beauty Spoons:

The Description: "Set of two flexible plastic spoons designed to reach into bottles and containers to scoop out the last bits of creams, serums, and lotions" 

Because a normal spoon wouldn't do the trick? Also, if you love the product so much, that you're spooning it out, buy. another. one. 

2. A Microneedle Roller System:

The description: Roller with 1,080 stainless steel needles helps boost collagen production to fade the look of cellulite, scars, and uneven skin tone

I have no words for this one. I mean seriously, there have to be other ways to boost your collagen. I also must have missed the memo that says blood is the new rouge. I'm not sure what's more sad, that they actually sell these, or that over 40 have been sold. 

3. The Remington Smooth and Silky Body Curve Epilator

The description: Electric epilator's curved head effortlessly traverses the contours of the body while gently removing unwanted hairs with its 42 tweezers

Because shaving isn't tedious and painful enough, lets throw in 42 tweezers. Whoever thought this was a good idea, should be tortured with this. 

4. Dermatouch Heated Eyelash Curler:

The Description: Beauty tool heats up quickly to give eyelashes a strong, elegant curl that will last all day.

I've actually read about these, but I injure myself daily trying to curl my eyelashes.. I don't want to add burning myself to that list..

5. Last but not least Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal device:

The Description: Portable, handheld device features an ergonomic head that makes it easy to permanently remove hair from big, small, and hard-to-reach areas

I can only imagine the burns I would sustain from this thing... Aren't you only supposed to get these with a certified personal available? It just seems way to intense for me to have in my house.... to use whenever I want... especially on wine night... 

That's it! The craziest things I found on Groupon! What are some crazy thing you've seen this season?
-note, I haven't tried, or read any reviews on these products, if you use them and love them, I'd love to hear about it, they just seem rather intimidating at first glance!-  


  1. Such a great post - it gave me a good laugh!

  2. This is a great post! I really enjoyed this read :)