Monday, February 23, 2015

Forever Plus One.

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My favorite part of the month. Letter time. The prompt for this month is on dates and the like.


Dating has always been something different for us. Starting out with a relationship on the DL due to work conflicts never makes "dating" easy. For awhile it was something that caused anxiety and stress. For those first 6 months dating became movies on the couch and take out. And I was ok with that. It was us, homebodies.

After I moved jobs and dating in the outside world became acceptable, it was harder. Where to eat.. well now that our options were pretty much limitless, WHERE DO WE EAT? Looking back we probably should have started a system a list of places we liked and put them in a hat, or some sort of order to eat at. Still to this day, it's a huge debacle for us to pick a place to eat and we usually end up falling into our same routine of take out and movies on the couch, and I'm ok with that. It's very us.

Dating has become something different entirely. When you're dating and you read articles about "dating after your married" you think surely things won't change that much. But everything changes, we get busy, we get tired, we miss each other and instead of wasting time deciding where to eat and spending our evening surrounded by other people's days, it's easier to do it our own way. And I'm ok with that.

We find dates in our daily schedules. Dating has become breakfast with my parents, talking about our impending future, and lunch dates at Guadalajara talking about our work mornings, and picking up Chick-fil-a on your way home and flipping a coin to see what movie we're watching tonight, or on your weekends off going to the track. Dating has become picking the everyday moments of our together lives. And I'm, more ok with that.

Listening to my single friends talk about how crazy guys are and how hard dating is, I don't envy them not even a little. There isn't anything I want more than to date you for the rest of my life.

Your forever +1

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  1. Jason and I usually sit in bed and read every night. That means we're sitting side by side with books by 8:30. Sometimes we look at each other and laugh, thinking we used to be just meeting up for a date and now we're retiring to sleep for the night... Marriage changes so many things (in good and bad ways) and I'm thankful that this is how my nights are spent (and not trying to date because I wouldn't know the first place to start!).