Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's only Tuesday?

Ugh, this week. 
And it's only Tuesday. 

We took Roland's car to get the ignition replaced and get a new key fob. They fixed it, we picked it up. The key fob won't work on everything, and to figure out what's wrong with it they'll have to do another $75 diagnostic. Seriously? After they told us that they'll refund us for the key fob, Roland tries leaving after work and the piece they replaced isn't even working. Great so $500 down the drain for it to not even work. 

Mother's day, not as stressful as most holidays. Went to church with my parents, ate lunch with Roland's. Then we went home I napped while him and his cousin watching the Thunder game. We drove around and found where were going to take our engagement pictures (Medicine Park for any Okies out there.) Then I realized that we had rescheduled our engagement pictures for the same weekend I'm in a wedding. So we're going to have to re-reschedule, and now we're pushing it back to far to use the pictures for save the dates...

Work, blah. After work I went to the hotel to sign our contract for the reception area and there was an extra $400 that couldn't be accounted for. We had agreed on $2000 for the whole shebang, but the contract I was looking at said $2400, without the service fee of $350, or taxes. So the approximate total was $2750. That's a whole lot more than what we had agreed on. Thank goodness I caught it before I signed it and they changed it. But several times she said  "I don't even know where I got $2400 from" awesome, so I should have zero confidence in you. 

Monday night:
This cat has so much energy. Roland had to hold him so Toby could get a moments rest to eat. Then when we were heading upstairs to go to bed and I was holding Toby, I noticed he was bleeding on his face. The cat had bit him so hard that he was bleeding and had a scrape. Then this morning I noticed he had something else on his side, which after an abnormal amount of "binging" is probably ring worm. I feel so terrible for him, I feel like an awful fur momma. 

So far this week I've learned that:
If I hadn't already bought a dress, Roland and I would definitely be eloping. 
Clearly I should be in the wedding business because everything is crazy expensive. These people are literally rolling in the dough. 
I've failed Toby as his momma, and now he'll have to be confined to his room (yes he has his own bedroom) until his ringworm clears up. 
I could really use some faith.

Sorry for this super depressing post, but I had to get some of this off my chest. 
Here's to the rest of the week going a whole lot better..

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  1. You need a hug. This is my trying to virtually give you one. Maybe this stressful and annoying beginning of the week will mean a really awesome end of the week? Think happy thoughts, girl!